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A product becomes legendary because of its users. The men and the women who attained celebrity status due to the sheer weight of the glory of their achievements acquire iconic status in the society. What they owned and used become priceless relics. Mountaineering is adventure sports as well exploratory science. Two great names in this realm are of Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, the Nepalese Sherpa Mountaineer and Sir Edmund Hillary of New Zealand, who in 1953 scaled the formidable 8,848 meter height of the Everest. It was the stupendous achievement of the duo and in their crowing glory Rolex was a handy and proud participant. Photographs of the 1953 show the members of the expedition wearing Rolex Oysters. It is generally believed that Hilary carried Smiths Deluxe or a Rolex, or carried both to the summit.

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